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Web AR Teсhnology

Interactive AR solutions based on QR codes, images, objects, planes, and in the Metaverse.

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Our mission

Form a new environment for interaction between the digital and physical world

The online platform allows you to create AR worlds without programming knowledge.

Transfer media files to the augmented reality layer, develop games and use the potential of technology in any area.

Augmented reality

(Augmented reality, AR) – a technology that complements the physical world with interactive virtual objects displayed through a smartphone camera or AR glasses.

Web AR does not require installation of apps or sign-ins.



Augmented reality development environment in the browser.


Spaces of AR‑metaverse and AR‑worlds.

Development studio

Development of AR‑solutions.

Benefits of
Web AR

Easy to use

Direct browser access to AR without extra apps or sign-ins.

Informative Experiences

AR scenes fit into limited print space.

Increase Conversions

Use AR's wow-factor to drive more user interactions.

Attract Attention

Adopt new tech that appeals to modern consumers and businesses.

Rapid Updates

Change AR content quickly without printing new QR codes.

Broad Applications

Easily add AR features to websites, enhancing real-world contexts.

Problems that AR solves

Appearance of cities

We preserve the authenticity of the city's architecture, associated with the replacement of physical signs, billboards and banners with virtual ones.

Ecology of cities

We reduce the saturation of the city with outdoor and print advertising, as well as change information without replacing physical information carriers.

Too much information

We help reduce the annoyance caused by the growing flow of information and give choice due to the fact that AR content is only available when using a gadget with a camera.

Expensive resources

We save on placement and replacement of outdoor and indoor advertising and information.

Complex agreements

We simplify the approval for the placement of information in public places. AR is not affected by the regulatory policy of indoor/outdoor advertising.

Interaction with printed products

Technology helps to easily and quickly get information.

World brands

already using AR


Current project status

July 2020

The idea of a startup was born, which underwent many changes.


ARTAR's birthday - work on the first AR business card.


An alpha version of the Web AR builder has been developed.


Release of the beta version of the Web AR builder and the first payment for the service.


Alpha version of AR METAVERSE


Company registration in the EU - ARTAR OÜ.


advantages and achievements

Developed technical base, accumulated over two years of work. Own 3D editor and graphics engine. Own technologies for tracking objects and understanding the environment.

Fulfilled orders for the Road Department of Australia, the Volvo concern, the major advertising operator of Kazakhstan MYD, the 'Ekoniya' holding - DIVO VODA.

In one season, in an Italian bar on the island of Sardinia, our AR menu was scanned over 42,000 times.

Aimed at the development and growth of the company's capitalization. Open for investment.